The Prestwick Resident-Guest Tournament will be played under the usual USGA rules. No advantage or disadvantage will be given to any player. If there is a question or disagreement, the player can finish the hole playing two balls. The question will be answered by the rules committee in the clubhouse after the round is finished.

The tournament will be played as a Bramble. Each player will tee off from their tee position. They will then determine which drive they like the best. The players will place their balls within one club length of that spot no closer to the hole. Then both players will hit their second shot from that position. Each player will finish the hole playing their own ball.

Each player must use their drive at least two (2) time on the front 9 holes and two (2) times on the back 9 holes.

Root Rule: If your ball is on a root or a root will interfere with your swing then you may place your ball in the closest safe spot. We prefer this to dealing with on course medical emergencies.

Divot Rule: If your ball comes to rest in a divot you may move the ball out of the divot. This is not required. You are certainly allowed to hit the ball as it lies in the divot!

Wood Rule: Prestwick has wooden bulkheads on several holes. If your ball comes to rest against or very near the wood it may be moved one club length in ether direction, no closer to the hole.

The score for each player will be recorded on the scorecard. Handicap strokes, if available for that player on that hole, will be deducted. The lower of the two net scores will be recorded for the hole for the team.